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Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Primavera Kollektion Nassfutter Katze, 24 x 3 Oz.


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Take your beloved cat on a tasty tour of Italy with Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Primavera Collection wet cat food variety pack, featuring three tempting tastes to keep your kitty happy when mealtime comes around.

Providing 100% vollständige und ausgewogene Ernährung für erwachsene Katzen, this variety pack makes it easy to change up your cat’s meals while caring for her health. Essential vitamins and minerals in each can of this premium cat food help maintain her whole-body health.

She’ll dig into the tender ingredients, including real white meat chicken, tuna or turkey, combined with exciting accents such as garden greens and veggies. Finished with a classic Fancy Feast sauce that cats love, these delicious varieties keep her coming back for more.

Select a can, and fill her dish with Fancy Feast Medleys Primavera Collection wet cat food to make each meal she eats a memorable one for you both.

  • Vierundzwanzig (24) 3 Oz. Cans Purina Fancy Feast Primavera Collection Cat Food.
  • Variety pack with three different recipes to delight your cat.
  • Tender tuna, turkey and chicken offers delicious taste and texture.
  • Accents of garden greens and veggies add variety.
  • Classic light sauce that cats love.

White Meat Chicken Primavera: Poultry Broth, Huhn, Wheat Gluten, Liver, Tomatoes, Meat By-Products, Möhren, Spinat, Turkei, Corn Starch-Modified, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Salz, Dicalciumphosphat, Added Color, Soy Protein Concentrate, Kaliumchlorid, Taurin, Cholinchlorid, Magnesium Sulfate, Thiaminmononitrat, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinksulfat, Eisen-sulfat, Niacin, Calciumpantothenat, Vitamin-A-Ergänzung, Menadionnatriumbisulfit Complex (Quelle für Vitamin K Aktivität), Kupfersulfat, Mangansulfat, Pyridoxinhydrochlorid, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Biotin, Folsäure, Vitamin D-3-Ergänzung, Kaliumiodid. B-6710.

Tender Turkey Primavera: Poultry Broth, Wheat gluten, carrots, Tricalciumphosphat, Kaliumiodid. B-6713.

Tuna Primavera: Fish Broth, Tuna, Liver Carrots, Corn Oil, magnesium Sulfate, Red 3, Biotin, Kaliumiodid. C-6712.

Garantierte Analyse
White Meat Chicken Primavera: Rohprotein (mir)…10.0%, Rohfett (mir)…2.0%, Rohfaser (Max)…1.5%, Feuchtigkeit (Max)…82.0%, Asche (Max)…3.5%, Taurin (mir)…0.05%.
Tender Turkey Primavera: Rohprotein (mir)…10.0%, Rohfett (mir)…2.0%, Rohfaser (Max)…1.5%, Feuchtigkeit (Max)…82.0%, Asche (Max)…3.0%, Taurin (mir)…0.05%.
Tuna Primavera: Rohprotein (mir)…10.0%, Rohfett (mir)…2.0%, Rohfaser (Max)…1.5%, Feuchtigkeit (Max)…82.0%, Asche (Max)…3.0%, Taurin (mir)…0.05%.

Eine Erwachsene Katze Durchschnittsgröße Feed 1 können pro 21/2 Pfund Körpergewicht täglich.

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