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raw pet food diet for dogs

What Are the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Pet Dogs?

by Todd Mailley
While the beginnings of the raw pet food diet for dogs went through a lot of debating, it has actually been proven that for most pet dogs this diet is as nutritional as it can be aside from natural hunting. Raw Pet Food A raw food diet for your pet involves, as the name implies, raw foods. You are feeding your furry friend raw meats and vegetables. The whole idea behind this nutrition is to mimic the type of diet that was eaten by your pet's ancestors. This is the ultimate in natural nutrition that you can possibly get. Pet [...]
A Better Natural Life for Your Dog Through Organic Pet Food

A Better Natural Life for Your Dog Through Organic Pet Food?

by Todd Mailley
If you have been listening to the news during the last few years, you might have noticed that what you feed your pet may not always be safe. Therefore, as a dog owner, you want to ensure that you are providing everything that you can for your dog  just as you would do for any other member of your family. Providing proper nutrition is an important aspect to making sure that your four-legged friend remains as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Part of this effort includes finding the best pet food for your dog, which should be [...]