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Erdtmanns Suet Balls Without Net Bird Treats, 50 Pcs


SKU: B0113VD4HK. Category: . Tag: . Manufacturer: Christoph & Franz Erdtmann OHG


These are the indispensable products and classic sellers. Their wide diversity of ingredients, including oat and wheat flakes, a variety of fine seeds and sunflower seeds containing plenty of fat, make Erdtmanns suet balls a banquet treat for every songbird. Their perfect consistency and whole oat and wheat flakes make them easy for the birds to assimilate.

Flakes of grains, suet, seeds, oils.

Designed to be served in Erdtmanns Suet Ball Feeder “Knödelboy”. Keep in a cool and dry place.

  • Provides a high energy suet treat for birds visiting your garden.
  • Un-Netted to avoid plastic waste and to allow easy handling in combination with Erdtmanns Suet Ball Feeder “Knödelboy”.
  • Ideal to be served in Knödelboy Erdtmanns Suet Ball Feeder.
  • Perfect consistency also in cold weather conditions.
  • Supplied in a convenient resealable container.

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