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hills cat food

Choosing the Right Hill’s Cat Food for Your Pet…

by Todd Mailley
Taking proper care of your cat includes many different things. Regular health checks as well as providing your pet with its basic necessities are among the important ones, ensuring your cat will live for a long time. However, let's not forget the importance of an appropriate nutrition like, for example, Hill's cat food providing everything your cat needs. This pet food brand is available to fit the dietary requirements specific for your cat's age. Most people know that kittens need a different diet than adult cats, because they are still growing. What quite a few cat owners do not know [...]
raw pet food diet for dogs

What Are the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Pet Dogs?

by Todd Mailley
While the beginnings of the raw pet food diet for dogs went through a lot of debating, it has actually been proven that for most pet dogs this diet is as nutritional as it can be aside from natural hunting. Raw Pet Food A raw food diet for your pet involves, as the name implies, raw foods. You are feeding your furry friend raw meats and vegetables. The whole idea behind this nutrition is to mimic the type of diet that was eaten by your pet's ancestors. This is the ultimate in natural nutrition that you can possibly get. Pet [...]
puppy food

How to Choose the Right Food for Your Puppy?

by Todd Mailley
Puppies need so much to help foster healthy growth. The first year of a puppy’s life determines the rest of its life as an adult dog. Proper nutrition is important, and the food that you choose for your furry friend should be different than the pet food you would select for an adult dog.Puppies need more nutrients than mature dogs because they are growing. The right puppy food will provide all the vital nutrients needed by your four-legged friend to grow properly. The first thing you need to consider when you are looking for an appropriate pet food for your [...]
natural pet food recipe

Does a Natural Food Recipe has Any Benefits for Your Pet?

by Todd Mailley
As a concerned pet owner, you might have been alerted by recent media reports and surveys about pet food recalls. Warnings could be heard about potential health risks associated with cheaply manufactured commercial pet food, available in any supermarket. As a worried pet owner, you would of course consider an alternative way to feed your cat or dog. So, why not create nutritious meals at home for your furry friend, using a good natural pet food recipe? Actually, designing dishes without artificial ingredients is considerably less complicated or time consuming as you may fear. Furthermore, food containing natural organic ingredients [...]
pet food

How Important is The Right Nutrition For Your Pet’s Well-Being?

by Todd Mailley
Most people think that all pet food is created equally. The truth of the matter is there are plenty of options you have out there for feeding your pet. You can choose everything from canned to dry food, and some people even choose organic and raw options. Because of that, it will be important that you do look over all the options you have and make an education decision on what you end up feeding your pets. Understanding Why the Right Food is Essential for Your Pet When you are looking at pet food, you need to understand that the [...]