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Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Sweet Potato/Fish Formula, 26-Lbs


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Formulated with a limited list of premium protein and carbohydrate sources, this L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets formula is excellent when you are seeking alternative ingredients for your pet. L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Formula Dry Dog Food is a grain-free diet that’s also designed to maintain your dog’s digestive health while supporting healthy skin and a shiny, luxurious coat.

Feeding Instructions

For adult dogs:
Up to 10 lb … up to 1 cup*
10-20 lb … 1 to 1 2/3 cups*
20-30 lb … 1 2/3 to 2 1/2 cups*
30-40 lb … 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 cups*
40-60 lb … 2 3/4 to 3 3/4 cups*
60-80 lb … 3 3/4 to 4 3/4 cups*
80-100 lb … 4 3/4 to 5 1/2 cups*
* Based on a standard 8 oz measuring cup.The amounts in the table are intended as guidelines only. The food intake should be adjusted according to the age, weight, breed, temperature, climate and activity level of your dog. Consult a veterinarian for specific weight recommendations.Adult dogs should be fed either once or twice per day. When you first start feeding Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato and Fish Dry Dog Food, we suggest starting with the amounts recommended in the table. Energy requirements vary with environmental conditions, temperature and activity of your dog. The amount of food should always be adjusted to suit your dog’s needs.

  • For pregnant females: A minimal increase is needed during the first 6 weeks. Increase the amount fed up to 25% during weeks 7, 8, and 9.
  • For lactating females: Immediately after whelping, the nutritional demand increases by 50% compared to maintenance levels. Feed in 3 equal meals per day.
  • For working dogs: Based on the work your dog will be asked to perform, the nutritional requirements will vary accordingly. As the workload increases, the demand for protein and fat increases proportionally. Dogs in hard training will generally require twice the maintenance levels.
  • For older dogs: As your dog begins to age, his energy expenditure will decrease. Decreasing the amount of food accordingly will allow for the maintenance of proper body weight for a less active dog.

We recommend that you do not add vitamins, minerals, or any other supplements, except upon the advice of a veterinarian. When switching your dog’s diet, the change should be made gradually by replacing the current food with increasing portions of Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Food. The change should be completed after 5 to 7 days. The maintenance of proper body weight is most important for your dog’s health. Consult your veterinarian for specific weight recommendations for your dog.

Remember, fresh clean water should be available at all times!

  • Grain free, limited ingredient dog food.
  • Helps minimize the number of ingredients dogs are exposed to.
  • Complete, balanced nutrition for adult dogs.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • L.I.D. Sweet Potato & Fish.
  • 26-Pound.

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